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Let's Talk About Olaplex

Let's Talk About Olaplex

Let's Talk About Olaplex

Let's Talk About Olaplex

Talking you through all the Olaplex numbers from 0 to 8.

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top 3 purple shampoos - sable boutique

Top 3 Purple Shampoos 💜

We sell so many brands so here are our top 3 purple shampoos and why.

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cat dressed in bathrobe and hair turban on a bath vanity

Haircare Top 7 Go To Products 🙌🏼

Strap in for my 7 go to products to healthy hair!

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colorwow dreamcoat shine spray

Say Goodbye To Frizz And HELLO TO SHINE with ColorWow Dream Coat

Can't seem to tame your frizz? We've got you.

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Oway eco sustainable hair care

Introducing OWAY, eco-sustainable haircare

Here at Sable, sustainability is an important focus for us. We take it as our responsibility to offer environmentally friendly options for haircare.

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How do you wash your hair? - Sable Boutique

How Do You Wash Your Hair? Our Experts Show You Their 3 Ways!

Lather, rinse, repeat...right?! Not quite.

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Introducing Olaplex No.7 - Sable Boutique

You're Going to Love Olaplex No.7

Olaplex has created its first one-of-its-kind hair oil to add to the much loved range of Olaplex products.

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Give your hair extra TLC with Oribe Power Drops ✨-Sable Boutique

The 3 Super Oribe Power Drops You Need ✨

Boost your hair with these game changing products

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Discover your new EVERYTHING product with Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother-Sable Boutique

Discover your new EVERYTHING product with Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother

Due to discovering some wildly successful technology with Olaplex No.3, Olaplex has expanded their horizons and have created a dream styling product for absolutely every hair type. Olaplex’s No.6 B...

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Banish That Brassy Blonde !-Sable Boutique

Banish That Brassy Blonde!

Every Blonde battles with the dreaded brassy tones  Brought on by the sun, frequent heat styling or when you are within touching distance of your next salon appointment and your blonde highli...

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