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Epres NZ Official Stockist 

Epres is the next generation bond repair treatment.

Cutting edge chemisty for softer, stronger, healthier hair.

Introducing Epres Bond Repair Treatment is a specially formulated treatment designed to repair and strengthen hair bonds, leaving your locks feeling healthy, strong, and silky smooth. Say goodbye to breakage and split ends and hello to hair that's full of life and shine. Perfect for all hair types, our treatment is easy to use and will quickly become a must-have in your hair care routine. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!

Created by WORLD RENOWNED MATERIAL SCIENTIST Eric Pressly, Ph.D, epres is the future of high-performance hair care.


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Epres Bond Repair Treatment NZEpres Bond Repair Treatment NZ
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Welcome to Epres, where advanced hair science meets luxury care. Our collections are engineered to restore and rejuvenate your hair, delivering professional-quality results that you can achieve at home.

Why Choose Epres?

- Innovative Technology: Utilising cutting-edge hair science, Epres products are designed to repair and protect your hair from the inside out.
- Salon-Quality Results: Trusted by top stylists, our products provide visible improvements in hair health and appearance after just one use.
- Clean Beauty: We are committed to clean, non-toxic formulas free from harmful chemicals, ensuring safe and effective hair care.

Epres Bond Repair will transform damaged hair. Formulated with revolutionary bond-building technology, these products repair broken bonds, strengthen hair structure, and restore resilience and shine.

Hydrate & Nourish
Quench thirsty hair with our Hydrate & Nourish collection. Infused with deeply moisturising ingredients, these products deliver long-lasting hydration, leaving your hair soft, smooth, and manageable.

Protect & Maintain
Keep your hair healthy and vibrant with our Protect & Maintain collection. These products shield your hair from environmental stressors, heat damage, and colour fading, ensuring your hair stays in optimal condition.