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Article: The 3 Super Oribe Power Drops You Need ✨

Give your hair extra TLC with Oribe Power Drops ✨-Sable Boutique

The 3 Super Oribe Power Drops You Need ✨



Supercharge your current hair products with these highly concentrated treatment serums. They provide an intense dose of essential nutrients to rebuild, restore and enhance hair.

All three Power Drops focus on different problems, things your hair is lacking or things that you hair may need a bit more help with.




 The Damage Repair Booster - works on rebuilding and restoring dry, damaged, time-weakened hair. Formulated with Linoleic Acid, Biotin and Sea Kelp Extract, just a few drops of this on its own or added to other products powerfully repairs and protects hair strands.

The Hydration & Anti-Pollution Booster - this highly concentrated treatment provides deep hydration and extreme protection against environmental pollution. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Creatine and Moringa Seed Extract, just a few drops of this serum delivers extreme protection and powerful conditioning to all hair. 

The Colour Preservation Booster - This treatment serum provides an intense dose of antioxidants and amino acids to shield from UV rays and enhance colour retention. Formulated with Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and Quinoa Protein, just a few drops preserves and protects every shade of coloured hair. 


All three Oribe Power Drops can be used on their own as a serum, layered with current products or mixed into other Oribe products in your hair regime.

Mix 3-5 drops with any Oribe product in the palm of your hand to give your regular routine a boost. To use alone, apply to damp hair!

Dermatologist-tested. Formulated without parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride. Color and keratin treatment safe. UV protection for hair. Vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free.

 If you have Coloured/ Blonde Hair, the Colour Preservation Booster has some really incredible benefits!

The high concentration of antioxidants preserve hair colour by defending against environmental oxidation which can fade and shift colour. It enhances colour retention with hair by creating a barrier to protect strands. The Colour Preservation Booster shields hair from UV rays to maintain colour vibrancy. It prevents having to go back into the salon for a toner touchup. And on top of all of this it conditions and increases shine for healthier hair.



If you have Dehydrated or Highly Polluted Hair, the Hydration and Anti-Pollution Booster has some amazing benefits on taming these issues!


The Hydration and Anti-Pollution Booster creates a protective barrier against free radicals and moisture loss. It shields hair from dryness, oxidative stress and cuticle damage caused by air pollutants. Perfect for people who are continuously fighting environmental factors. This booster enhances softness while restoring manageability.

If you feel you have Damaged Hair that needs a fair bit of help, the Damage Repair Booster has some of the best benefits you can imagine!

The Damage Repair Booster helps reverse damage by reviving the natural manageability of dry, time-weakened strands. It repairs and strengthens to increase resistance to environmental stressors and reduces hair fall due to breakage while restoring elasticity.

This Booster also improves hair health and comb-ability by smoothing the cuticle to enhance softness.

All Power Drops retailing for $88 nzd, what's not to love about these new boosters...

Check out a video from Oribe below, for more information!




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