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Chloe Zara Hair

Chloe Zara Hair

Chloe Zara Hair

Origin: New Zealand
Founders: Chloe Zara
Overview: Expertly formulated to combine the best of natures plant actives and modern haircare ingredients.

Chloe Zara Hair is a premium clean haircare range made and formulated in New Zealand.

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mini hair and body oil by Chloe ZaraChloe Zara Hair and Body Perfume Oil
Chloe Zara Silk Hair WashChloe Zara Silk Hair Wash
Chloe Zara Silk Hair ConditioneRChloe Zara Silk Hair ConditioneR
Chloe Zara Silk Hair BalmChloe Zara Silk Hair Balm
Chloe Zara Hair Creme on a concrete standChloe Zara Hair Creme
Glossifying Hair Mist by Chloe Zara
Chloe Zara
Glossifying Mist Sale price$59.00
Chloe Zara Travel Essentials