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Article: Introducing OWAY, eco-sustainable haircare

Oway eco sustainable hair care

Introducing OWAY, eco-sustainable haircare

It feels like we've all been entering 2020 with a sense of climate change anxiety, which sometimes can leave us feeling out of control and looking for ways we can help do our little bit! 

Here at Sable, sustainability is an important focus for us. We take it as our responsibility to offer environmentally friendly options for haircare, so that you guys can make a choice based on your values as a consumer. A lot of the brands we currently stock are sustainable, or making efforts to reduce their global impact, but we were yet to see glass bottle packaging until we met OWAY.

OWAY products are packaged in 100% infinitely recyclable glass bottles and aluminium tubes. They are against animal testing and use organic and fair trade ingredients to make their products good for you and the planet. We were blown away in the salon at the amazing scent of essential oils which make these products smell so delicious! 

"We have a profound belief in respect for the environment and for promoting waste reduction"


Browsing through the OWAY products may be a little confusing, as their shampoo goes by the phrase 'hair bath' and conditioners are either in matching conditioner bottles, or are called 'hair masks' and come in the aluminium tubes. 

So if you're wanting to buy a shampoo and conditioner set, go for a 'hair bath' and the matching 'hair mask' combo, and use as you usually would for hair washing. 


We've cherry-picked some of the best selling products from OWAY's range, for what we know you guys will want and LOVE for your hair. But keep an eye out for more to come later in the year, including a few pieces from their natural skincare range. If there's a product OWAY offer, that you can't find from us, send us a message and we'll see what we can do to get your hands on it! 

We've been so excited to welcome these enviro-goodies onto our shelves to join our amazing Sable collection, and can't wait for you guys to start trying these beautiful plastic free products.



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