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Article: Top 3 Purple Shampoos 💜

top 3 purple shampoos - sable boutique

Top 3 Purple Shampoos 💜

We often get asked what is a great toning shampoo. We sell so many brands I thought I would put together a list of our top 3 purple shampoos.

What are you looking for in a purple shampoo? We looked for colour and the amount of pigment, the best for shine and price. As well as how well it works over time and is it good for grey hair as well as for blonde highlights.

If you have never used a purple shampoo you may want to add this to your regime if your hair is highlighted, balayaged, have Ombre or if you have grey hair. They are designed to take our excess yellow, brighten your blonde and grey.

Number one on our list is Fabuloso Platinum Toning Shampoo by Evo.

This is the shampoo we use at the basin in salon. The hairdressers secret weapon to brighten and tone your blonde highlights without having to use a toner. This is the strongest purple shampoo we sell. Evo recommends using it once a week but if you love your blonde over toned then look no further than this. For more intense results apply the shampoo thickly (do not rub through your hands first) just slick it on. You can also leave this on for 1-3 minutes. 

Second is Hblonde by Oway. This is the shampoo I personally use.

Love the combo of a purple shampoo that works as well as one that has sustainability at the forefront of their range. Packaged in glass and full of biodynamic and organic ingredients.

I don't colour my hair, and I am naturally blonde with a lot of grey coming through. I love this shampoo because not only does it keep unwanted yellowing at bay it also has so much shine and makes my hair so soft.

Lastly Blondifier Cool Shampoo by L'Oreal.

Bang for your buck this is the shampoo for you. It has a great price and has a combo of purple and blue tones. This shampoo has had a few reincarnations over the years but is still one of our biggest in salon sellers. Clients use it every wash, they don't find it too overpowering.

Our top 3 blonde purple shampoos. We rate Oway Hblonde, Fabuloso platinum blonde toning shampoo and L'Oreals Blondifier Shampoo.

Now that i'm convinced how often to get the best results.

You have to decide how often you use your purple shampoo depending on the amount of toning you are after. Whether it is 2 washes every time you wash, or just once a week. Have a play around and see what works best for you. If you over tone it's as easy as putting your shampoo away and use a normal shampoo. Also think about maybe not using it right after your hair has been coloured as your hairdresser would of sent you home looking amazing, but after a while the in-salon toner starts to fade out and the yellows starts to show.

Any more questions? We are here to help.

Want to see me chat about the top three here is our Youtube Video.


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