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Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Complete your hair with these accessories.

Whether it's something practical, or glamorous that you're looking for, we've got you sorted. 

We are offering a selection of Headbands, Scrunchies, Claw Clips, Barrettes and Wedding Accessoires.

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Rectangle Claw ClipThe Rectangle Claw Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Rectangle Claw Clip Sale priceFrom $28.00
Sold outRounded Claw Clip Tortoiseshell Mum Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Rounded Claw Clip Sale price$35.00
Rope Hair Ties (4pc)Rope Hair Ties (4pc)
Velvet Knot HeadbandNavy Velvet Knot Headband
Velvet Knot Headband Sale price$28.00
Crab Claw ClipCrab Claw Clip
Crab Claw Clip Sale price$45.00
Booby PinsBobby Pins - Gold, Bronze, Black and Silver.-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Sold outDuckbill ClipsDuckbill Clips
Duckbill Clips Sale price$13.00
Sold outCrocodile Clip-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueCrocodile Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Crocodile Clip Sale price$12.00
Hair Slides Multi-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueHair Slides Multi-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Hair Slides Multi Sale price$3.00 Regular price$9.70
Sold outDinky Clips-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueDinky Clips-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Dinky Clips Sale price$7.50
North Star Hair Slide-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueNorth Star Hair Slide-Gildie-Sable Boutique
North Star Hair Slide Sale price$18.00
Fringe Pin-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueFringe Pin-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Fringe Pin Sale price$5.00
Sold outGold Crinkle Hair Slides-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Sold outPlaited Tortoiseshell Hair BarrettePlaited Tortoiseshell Hair Barrette
Hair Scarf - Delphi-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueHair Scarf
Hair Scarf Sale price$5.00 Regular price$28.00
Sold outTravel CombMini Comb-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Travel Comb Sale price$16.00
Sold outClassic Tortoise Shell Hair CombClassic Tortoise Shell Hair Comb-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Claw ClipTortoiseshell Mum Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Claw Clip Sale price$45.00
Black Hair Ties 10 PackBlack Hair Ties 10Pk
Gold Bobble Hair Slides-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Arrow Metallic Hair Tie-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueArrow Metallic Hair Tie-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Metallic Hair Tie Sale price$3.00 Regular price$14.00
Sold outRipple Pin-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueRipple Pin-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Ripple Pin Sale price$7.50
Sold outGrab ClipGrab Clip
Grab Clip Sale price$43.00
Sold outPearl HeadbandModel wears white pearl headband with small and large pearls alternating. Pearls have been strung width ways across the headband - from back to front of head.
Pearl Headband Sale price$38.00
Model wears a dusky copper headband with with asymmetrical white spots and a knot in the centre.Knot Print Headband
Sold outHair Bungee Hair TieHair Bungee Hair Tie
Hair Bungee Hair Tie Sale price$14.00
Sold outFabric Elastic Hair TiesFabric Elastic Hair Ties
Sold outTiny Claw ClipTiny Claw Clip
Tiny Claw Clip Sale price$10.00
Sold outOrnate Tortoiseshell Hair BarretteOrnate Tortoiseshell Hair Barrette Light
Sold outLeaf Tortoiseshell Hair BarretteLeaf Tortoiseshell Hair Barrette
Sold outSmooth Mini Claw ClipSmooth Mini Claw Clip
Smooth Mini Claw Clip Sale price$27.00
Sold outWave Tortoiseshell Hair BarretteWave Tortoiseshell Hair Barrette
Sold outTortoiseshell Wide Toothed CombLight Tortoiseshell Wide Toothed Comb
Sold outLight tan tortoiseshell curved hair clipDark tan tortoiseshell curved hair clip
Animal Print Knot HeadbandPink Animal Print Knot Headband
Botanical Print Knot Headband CollectionBotanical Print Knot Headband Playful Peonies
Imperial Rhinestone HeadbandImperial Rhinestone Headband
Baroque Rhinestone HeadbandBaroque Rhinestone Headband
Sold outOrnate Rhinestone HeadbandOrnate Rhinestone Headband
Sold outBejewelled Knot HeadbandBejewelled Knot Headband
Sold outRococo Rhinestone HeadbandRococo Rhinestone Headband
Cloud Claw Clip Light TortoiseshellCloud Claw Clip Dark Tortoiseshell
Cloud Claw Clip Sale price$45.00
Petal Claw Clip
Petal Claw Clip Sale price$45.00