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Article: Say Goodbye To Frizz And HELLO TO SHINE with ColorWow Dream Coat

colorwow dreamcoat shine spray

Say Goodbye To Frizz And HELLO TO SHINE with ColorWow Dream Coat

Struggling out in the dry heat and can't seem to tame your frizz? Colorwow's Dream coat is the perfect solution to end all of your hair nightmares. 

DREAM COAT, inspired by new textile technology, covers each hair strand with an invisible waterproofing cloak. An absolute must for anyone looking to fight frizzy hair or achieve Chris Appleton's signature glass hair styles. So your thinking to yourself how can this be possible, tame my frizz AND leave it with a glossy shine?

We took the time to test this new product for ourselves in our salon and WOW were we impressed with the results!!!! Due to the product being activated by heat we washed the hair before spraying a generous amount of the dream coat over the whole head. Going in with the blow dryer we blowdried each section using a brush until the hair was fully dry. Instantly the hair was soft to touch and looked incredibly more shiny than before. Lucy's hair isn't as prone to frizz but you could see the slickness that the dream coat provided. We can't wait to try this in salon on our clients, especially those who are prone to frizz and see the results that they get. 

The key to fighting frizz is all about controlling moisture levels and locking the cuticle down as tight and smooth as possible. Unlike typical serum or oil-based humidity-fighting formulas that lay down a heavy coat on hair’s surface, (which deflate volume and leave the hair greasy) Dream Coat uses a groundbreaking, heat-activated polymer technology that is lighter than a feather. Dream Coat scatters teeny droplets randomly on hair’s surface. When heated with your blow-dryer these droplets connect and crosslink, forming an invisible, hydrophobic matrix that does two things:

1) Compresses each strand into a sleek, silky, supple shape
2) Sheathes every strand in a light, imperceptible “raincoat” that repels moisture

One of the most amazing things about this product is that it lasts for 3-4 shampoos!! 3-4 days that you are left with frizz free hair, respray again on wet hair and your back to looking FRESH. 🌷

We can't wait for you to test it our for yourselves and here all about your results! 


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