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Claw Clip & Barrettes

Sable's selection of hair claw clips and barrettes are the perfect accessory for any hairstyle. Whether you have short or long hair, thick or thin, our hair claw clips and barrettes are designed to hold your locks in place all day long.

But that's not all - our hair claw clips and barrettes are also super stylish. From classic solid colors to trendy patterns and prints, we have something to suit every taste. So why not add some flair to your hair with one of our hair claw clips or barrettes?

Not only are our hair claw clips and barrettes fashionable, but they're also practical. They're gentle on your hair, preventing breakage and damage, and they're also easy to use. Simply clip them into your hair and go!

So why wait? Head on over to Sable and check out our collection of Hair Claw Clips and Barrettes today! You'll love the variety and versatility they bring to your hairstyles.

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Rectangle Claw ClipThe Rectangle Claw Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Rectangle Claw Clip Sale priceFrom $25.00
Claw ClipTortoiseshell Mum Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Claw Clip Sale price$45.00
Retro Claw Clip MiniRetro Claw Clip - Small
Retro Claw Clip Sale priceFrom $12.00
Smooth Mini Claw ClipSmooth Mini Claw Clip
Smooth Mini Claw Clip Sale price$27.00
Cloud Claw Clip Light TortoiseshellCloud Claw Clip Dark Tortoiseshell
Cloud Claw Clip Sale price$45.00
Gildie Arc Hair Barrette in colours brown, latte, pearl and greenGildie Arc Hair Barrette sizing 9.5cm long
Arc Hair Barrette Sale price$30.00
ModCut BarretteModCut Barrette
ModCut Barrette Sale price$38.00
Embroidered Bow ClipEmbroidered Bow Clip
Gildie Retro Snap in Rectangle and Round colour red, caramel, green, light pink, pink, purpleGildie Retro Snap in Rectangle colour red, caramel, green, light pink, pink, purple
Curved Hair BarretteCurved Hair Barrette
Curved Hair Barrette Sale price$30.00