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Article: Let's Talk About Olaplex

Let's Talk About Olaplex

Let's Talk About Olaplex

I'm going to talk you through all the Olaplex numbers from 0 to 8.  I'll let you know when, how, and why you NEED to use them.

Let's get right into it!

Olaplex is a game changer. It's all about rebuilding the bonds in your hair. Your hair contains millions of disulphide bonds which is what gives your hair structure and strength. When you notice that your hair is looking damaged, this is a sign that your bonds are breaking. When all the bonds are intact you are going to notice healthy, beautiful and shiny hair.

A common myth is that Olaplex is just for blondes. But bond breaking doesn't just happen with coloured hair. Hair damage can be caused by heat from curling irons, blow drying, and of course your trusty straightening iron. Damage can also come from environmental factors. We often forget that just like our skin, our hair is affected by sunlight and UV exposure, water temperature and minerals, and extremes in weather. One form of damage often forgotten comes from the general force exerted on your hair from excessive brushing. Does this sound like you - tugging on your hair or combing through excessively when it's wet and at its most fragile? Finally, damage of course comes from any type of chemical factor such as colour, highlights, bleach and semi-permanent.

Olaplex was created to use on all hair types and is suitable and beneficial for everyone whether your hair is curly, superfine, bleached or just generally has a bit of day-to-day exposure damage.

We're going to briefly talk about No.1 and No.2. These two are products used in salon so if you've booked in for a colour or even just a treatment this is probably what your stylist will use. No.1 goes straight into the colour whether it's bleach or semipermanent and helps to reduce the damage that comes from colouring. No.2 will be applied by your stylist and left on for 10 minutes after your colour is rinsed. Sometimes I put it into the colour directly if they're running the colour through to the ends. Again, this helps with repair and to ensure any hair they haven’t coloured is also in great condition.

Okay, the product you've all heard about is Olaplex No.3. This was their first launch, the original game changer and the product that made Olaplex famous. 

The 100mL bottle should get you around six treatments depending on how fine your hair is. It will restore your hair's appearance and texture by repairing the damage and protecting your hair structure. You might not think you're using enough, but combing it through allows it to spread well. This is a product that you put on prior to your shampoo and conditioner. Apply a generous amount from roots to ends of damp but towel dried hair. You can notice results immediately once you're finished using this.


If you find the No.3 doesn't do enough, or you have pushed the boundaries of your hair colour you will need the No.0 the intensive bond building treatment.

This product goes on prior to using No.3 directly onto dry hair. This product is watery in consistency so apply slowly and allow it to fully saturate your hair - don't worry, it should last you five or six goes if you comb it out. You should find that after application your hair is damp but not drenched (otherwise you have used too much). Process for 10 minutes and do not rinse.

You must use this in conjunction with No.3 up to three times a week depending on your hair damage.

Apply your No.3 directly on top of your No.0 and give a good comb through and process for at least another 10 minutes. Feel free to leave it in for a couple hours if you're busy going to the gym, doing some gardening or whatever.

After you've used No.0 and 3 or just No.3 by itself you need to rinse, shampoo and condition, which brings us to No.4 and No.5.

No.4 is what Olaplex calls the bond maintenance shampoo and No.5 is the Olaplex bond maintenance conditioner. The shampoo helps repair and protect your hair from everyday stresses and does a great job at targeting damage to your split ends by creating links in the broken bonds. You'll find your hair is a more manageable, shinier and healthier version of itself. No.4 is colour safe and will help strengthen all hair types. 

Olaplex No.5 bond maintenance conditioner is very similar to the shampoo. It's easy enough to be used every day or every time you wash your hair. It will leave you hair shinier and healthier with every use. It protects and repairs just the same as the shampoo and you don't need much. I would also recommend towel drying first and combing through the product using a wet detangler to help distribute it all the way through the midlengths and ends.


Now I'm jumping from No.5 straight to No.8 - Olaplex's bond intense moisture mask. It's infused with all the Olaplex bonding technology and is very highly concentrated. It shines, smoothens and gives body, but still produces that intense moisture you need to treat your damaged hair. 

This is the review one client gave to us after using the mask:
"I did my normal routine of No.0 and No.3 followed by 4 and 5. I applied two pumps of the Olaplex No. 8 and left it for 10 minutes, I noticed a huge difference! If I compare it to when I just use the conditioner it is still nice smooth, moisturised and what I noticed the most especially is that it stayed this way even when we have air conditioning in my building which can be so drying. Overall my hair feels lovely and soft and it still has volume and moisture even after 3 days."

We recommend using No.8 as a once a week treatment for physical difference. For shoulder-length hair, two pumps is all you need. Obviously if you've got longer hair you can double that but that's the max! You really don't need much. Ensure you apply to towel dried hair and use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to run it through. You can use a wet detangler if you feel like you need the help. Only apply to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, leave on for 10 minutes, rinse and style as normal.

Did someone say styling? Olaplex has two styling products - No.6 and No.7.

No. 6 is what they call the bond smoother leave in reparative styling cream. It helps to nourish, protect, and reduce frizz - everything that you want in a styling cream! It also helps to speed up your blow drying time, win-win.

A little hack for the No.6 is to use the tiniest amount once your hair is completely dry for a smooth and weightless finish.

Last but not least we have the Olaplex No.7 bonding oil. Don't be fooled by the size of this bottle because believe me, it packs a punch. Highly concentrated and weightless, you will find the No.7 dramatically increases shine, softness, colour vibrancy and minimises fly aways. A huge tick on our list is that it provides UV and heat protection up to 232°C. Brilliant! Use this in conjunction with your No.6, or alone. All you need is to use a few drops.

A hack for the No.7 is to work it through your hand and apply lightly before restyling second-day hair to use your hot tools again! 

That's all folks, No.0 to No.8 with all I have to say about the Olaplex range. I hope you've learnt a few new things and that you're keen to try any new products that speak to you. Olaplex is a firm favourite among staff and clients if you couldn't tell by this post, we just love it.



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