Silver Bullet Hybrid Brush-Sable Boutique

Silver Bullet Hybrid Brush

We tried and fell in love with Hybrid Hot Styling Brush and we decided that you need it in your life too! Heated brushes have been around a while, ...

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Introducing Olaplex No.7-Sable Boutique

Introducing Olaplex No.7

OLAPLEX has created its first one-of-its-kind hair oil to add to the much loved range of Olaplex products. With it's release coming later this yea...

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Winter Getaway Essentials-Sable Boutique

Winter Getaway Essentials

I think we're all starting to feel those mid winter blues this time of year! If you're one of the lucky ones who are starting to pack their bags fo...

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Pamper Every Inch Of Hair-Sable Boutique

Pamper Every Inch Of Hair

There's no other way to put it: bikini-line maintenance sucks. Razors can leave scorched-earth irritation, waxing is basically voluntary flagellati...

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Banish That Brassy Blonde !-Sable Boutique

Banish That Brassy Blonde !

Every Blonde battles with the dreaded brassy tones  Brought on by the sun, frequent heat styling or when you are within touching distance of ...

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Say Hello to Menstrual Cups-Sable Boutique

Say Hello to Menstrual Cups

The Hello Cup. Ok before you stop reading, hear me out on this one. I can admit, the thought of reusing menstrual products wasn't convincing me. BU...

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How to Wear Your Hair Scarf-Sable Boutique

How to Wear Your Hair Scarf

One of the top trends this summer, and my new 'go to' accessory.  Trust me, your hair scarf will become you new best friend on those days where yo...

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