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Gildie Hair Accessories. Shipping New Zealand wide, and in store in Wellington

Gildie Hair Accessories

Gildie Hair Accessories offer classic and on-trend hair accessories.

All of Gildies hair accessories are handpicked with only quality, luxury and decadence in mind. Making Gildie New Zealand's premier hair accessory company.

Great styling starts with your hair, and there is no better way of glamming up your style with a headband. The top-know always is a go-to so you can style this with a scrunchie. And we can't look past the classic claw clip, or as we call it the "Mum Clip".

Origin: New Zealand
Founder: Anthea Digby-Smith

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Back SoonTwo Tone Stretch HeadbandTwo Tone Stretch Headband Red and Pink
Suede Stretch HeadbandSuede Stretch Headband
Satin Stretch HeadbandSatin Stretch Headband
Back SoonGildie Arc Hair Barrette in colours brown, latte, pearl and greenGildie Arc Hair Barrette sizing 9.5cm long
Arc Hair Barrette Sale price$30.00
ModCut BarretteModCut Barrette
ModCut Barrette Sale price$38.00
Back SoonEmbroidered Bow ClipEmbroidered Bow Clip
Gildie Retro Snap in Rectangle and Round colour red, caramel, green, light pink, pink, purpleGildie Retro Snap in Rectangle colour red, caramel, green, light pink, pink, purple
Retro Claw Clip MiniRetro Claw Clip - Small
Retro Claw Clip Sale priceFrom $12.00
Everyday CombEveryday Comb
Everyday Comb Sale price$16.00
Mini Travel CombMini Travel Comb
Mini Travel Comb Sale price$10.00
Flower HeadbandFlower Headband
Flower Headband Sale price$30.00
Gold Embroidery Knot HeadbandGold Embroidery Knot Headband
Curved Hair BarretteCurved Hair Barrette
Curved Hair Barrette Sale price$30.00
Cloud Claw Clip Light TortoiseshellCloud Claw Clip Dark Tortoiseshell
Cloud Claw Clip Sale price$45.00
Rococo Rhinestone HeadbandRococo Rhinestone Headband
Bejewelled Knot HeadbandBejewelled Knot Headband
Back SoonOrnate Rhinestone HeadbandOrnate Rhinestone Headband
Baroque Rhinestone HeadbandBaroque Rhinestone Headband
Imperial Rhinestone HeadbandImperial Rhinestone Headband
Botanical Print Knot Headband CollectionBotanical Print Knot Headband Playful Peonies
Animal Print Knot HeadbandPink Animal Print Knot Headband
Pair Of Heat Resistant Gloves With Grip
Back SoonSmooth Mini Claw ClipSmooth Mini Claw Clip
Smooth Mini Claw Clip Sale price$27.00
Back SoonFabric Elastic Hair TiesFabric Elastic Hair Ties
Hair Bungee Hair TieHair Bungee Hair Tie
Hair Bungee Hair Tie Sale price$14.00
Dark No Crease Styling Hair ClipsShell No Crease Styling Hair Clips
Back SoonWhite print headband with knot in centre
Top Knot Headband Sale priceFrom $28.00
Rope Hair TiesRope Hair Ties
Rope Hair Ties Sale priceFrom $7.00
Back SoonPearl HeadbandModel wears white pearl headband with small and large pearls alternating. Pearls have been strung width ways across the headband - from back to front of head.
Pearl Headband Sale price$38.00
Back SoonTravel CombMini Comb-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Travel Comb Sale price$16.00
Classic Tortoise Shell Hair CombClassic Tortoise Shell Hair Comb-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Classic Hair Comb Sale priceFrom $21.00
Light Tortoiseshell Shower CombDark Tortoiseshell Shower Comb
Rectangle Claw ClipThe Rectangle Claw Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Rectangle Claw Clip Sale priceFrom $25.00
Claw ClipTortoiseshell Mum Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Claw Clip Sale price$45.00
Black Hair Ties 10 PackBlack Hair Ties 10Pk
Back SoonVelvet Knot HeadbandVelvet Knot Headband
Velvet Knot Headband Sale price$28.00
Back SoonGold Bobble Hair Slides-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Booby PinsBobby Pins - Gold, Bronze, Black and Silver.-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Crocodile Clip-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueCrocodile Clip-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Crocodile Clip Sale price$12.00
Metallic Hair Tie
Metallic Hair Tie Sale price$3.00 Regular price$14.00
Back SoonHair Slides Multi-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueHair Slides Multi-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Hair Slides Multi Sale price$3.00 Regular price$9.70
Ripple Pin-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueRipple Pin-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Ripple Pin Sale price$7.50
Fringe Pin-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueFringe Pin-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Fringe Pin Sale price$5.00
Dinky Clips-Gildie-Sable BoutiqueDinky Clips-Gildie-Sable Boutique
Dinky Clips Sale price$7.50
Back SoonHair Scarf
Hair Scarf Sale price$5.00 Regular price$28.00
Back SoonDuckbill ClipsDuckbill Clips
Duckbill Clips Sale price$13.00

Gildies curated collection of hair accessories, where style meets versatility. Explore our carefully selected range designed to complement every hairstyle and occasion.

Elevate your look with our range of chic and trendy hair clips, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any hairstyle.

Classic Headbands: Embrace timeless elegance with our selection of comfortable headbands, crafted to enhance your everyday style.

Luxury Hair Pins: Enhance your updos with our luxurious hair pins, intricately designed to secure and adorn your hairstyle.

Elegant Headbands: Add sophistication to your ensemble with our elegant headbands, featuring sleek designs and luxurious materials. And lots of glitter and sparkles

Chic Barrettes: Accentuate your hairdo with our chic barrettes, crafted in various styles from minimalist to embellished designs.

Stylish Claw Clips: Achieve effortless elegance with our stylish claw clips, perfect for securing hair in a fashionable twist or half-up style.

Explore our full collection and find the perfect hair accessory to express your unique personality and style. Whether you're attending a special event or simply want to elevate your daily look, our curated selection ensures you'll always look and feel your best.