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Article: Haircare Top 7 Go To Products 🙌🏼

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Haircare Top 7 Go To Products 🙌🏼

The time has come to put down the styling tools and put on your Silke turban and hair mask, strap in for my 7 go to products to healthy hair.  

Step 1: Olaplex No.3 

If your hair is snapping and feeling damaged then Olaplex No.3 is a must, I use this as my go to for a pre treatment. While this is aimed at people who bleach and colour there hair it is also a perfect solution for those who continuously use heating tools like myself. The formula will aid in protecting and repairing broken bonds which leaves your hair in a good healthy condition again. I like to apply this treatment in the morning and leave it on all day as the longer it is in the better my hair feels afterwards. 

Step 2:  Olaplex No. 4 Shampoo and No. 5 Conditioner 

After using my pre treatment of Olaplex No.3 I like to follow it up with No.4 and No.5 of the Olaplex regime, the shampoo and conditioner. Let me just tell you these are AMAZING, if you want strong hair that feels fully moisturised and an incredible shine then these are the products for you. I have always struggled with finding the right shampoo and conditioner as my hair switches from dry to oily and the combination of the shampoo and condition is able to find the right balance between both of them.

Step 3: Nounou Hair Mask

Time to buckle up for a girls moving night, popcorn ready, nails done and all you need now is the Nounou hair mask. This is my go to product when my hair needs that extra hydration lift. I use this product about once every couple of weeks and it tames my frizz, while leaving the most amazing smell behind. 

Step 4: Style Guru

Now I don't usually air dry my hair but when I do style guru is a great product to use, it is perfect for adding that little bit of texture to your hair and especially leaving a nice finish for those of you have curly hair like myself. It is an extra wave boost while adding weight to your hair. 

Step 5: ColorWOW Dream Coat Spray 

Game changer!!! Now i'm not just saying this to sell this product but oh my WOW I cant get enough of this, I use this after every third wash when blowing drying my hair. I spray a generous amount onto each section of my hair and blow dry it out as it is heat activated, it is aimed to tame your frizz as well as leave your hair looking shiny and feeling amazing!!!

Step 6: Silke London Hair Wrap 

Now your hair is feeling and looking fantastic and you want to keep it protected and well set in place while you sleep? Silke Londons hair wrap is perfect to keeping our glorious hair days! Without realising at night when we are tossing and tuning against abrasive bed linen it is irritating our hair cuticles and causes them to break. The result of this friction is the cause of breakages, thinner hair, frizz, bed head and split ends. While using this hair wrap I found myself waking up with softer and healthier hair, it is a great way to add extra protection. 

Step 7: O & M Frizzy logic 

After waking up and not wanting to wash my hair, frizzy logic is a great for next day frizz control, simple as applying a few pumps onto my hand and tousling through my hair. This leaves me feeling and looking confident with my well tamed hair. 

Now we might all be in isolation for the next couple of weeks, but that doesn't stop you from wanting to feel and look good for yourself! It is important to take control of your mental health and these are seven easy steps to do so.


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