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Article: Straightening // Five Styles // One Haircut

Straightening // Five Styles One Haircut

Straightening // Five Styles // One Haircut

Welcome to our new hair series we are calling...

Five Styles // One Haircut

We all get stuck in a rut when it comes to how to style our hair and I hope with the help of this series you can get inspired to try something new and freshen up your look.

Who knows, the next time you are off to an event one of these techniques might inspire you!

Straightening // One Haircut Five HairstylesStraightening // One Haircut Five Hairstyles

In this blog we are going to start off with the basics of straightening.
I prep my hair after I wash it with All In One Milk by Davines. This is a wonderful because it's got heat protection, a detangler and works as a shine spray.

I then blow dry my hair using a paddle brush to get as much of it try as quickly as possible.

Next up I use the Mood Swing Straightening Spray by R&Co to help aid with the straightening process.

You'll now need your trusty Tail Comb and a couple of sectioning clips.
We quite like the crocodile clips here at Sable because they hold quite a bit of hair

Now for your straightening iron. Make sure it is nice and hot but not crazy, the max we recommend is 230oC, using heat protectant with this of course. You can use whatever iron you like but we are Cloud Nine fans here. It works with both wide and normal sized irons.

A top tip when using irons that you can adjust the temperature of is to let them heat up to the standard temperature before increasing it as you desire. This increases the life of your iron and in turn saves you $$ in the future.

We are getting into the thick of it now! Start by sectioning your hair by splitting it down the middle. Now, depending on how thick and curly your hair is and how straight you want the end result to be, you can either do section by section spraying with Mood Swing (for a straighter look) or you can spray your whole head and then comb it in.

The key to doing great straight hair is not to be pulling it dead straight.
You actually are trying to achieve a slight C shape.
This allows you to get the polished look of having had the irons run through your hair without it looking lifeless and dead straight.

If you find straightening your hairline difficult it may be easier to take your section vertical and bring it forward in front of you so you can get right to the roots.

Another great hack is when doing your front sections (fringe or curtain bangs) or top sections is to bring them in front of your face instead of parted either side.

Now, when you're straightening you don't need to hold the straightening iron for dear life! You can just hold either ends because it's still got enough heat running through the plates without you gripping too tightly.

Once you've done all your sections and you're finding that you've still got a bit of a kink or curl, especially at the root, just take the top section over your parting which is much finer and then that way you can get to the roots just a little bit closer.

Now that you've done both sides and you're happy with how straight your hair is, what I like to do is grab the ends and just briefly go over them again to make sure there is a really lovely polish on them.

Before you start tucking behind your ears or putting a lot of product in, just let it cool for a minute and that will help keep the shine and smoothness in your hair.
We always say that the best way to get your hair to stay longer is going from wet to dry or hot to cold. think of it like getting your hair to set! You can imagine how hot your straightening ions are so you just want to let it go cold. It doesn't take too long, just a couple of minutes, maybe not even that!

Now it's time to finish it off with the crowd favourite, Frizzy Logic. It smells amazing and gives a beautiful shine.

Do a few pumps and rub it through your hands. You want to try and distribute most of it through your midlengths and ends and then whatever is leftover you can go through your roots LIGHTLY.

And just like that you have gorgeous, straight hair.

We hope that you have learnt a few tips and tricks from this blog. 
Watch the video below to see me in action!

To help create this look at home you'll need

1. All In One Milk - For Heat Protection
2. Tail Comb
3. Sectioning Clips
4. Mood Swing - Straightening Spray
5. Frizzy Logic - Finishing Serum
6. Straightening Irons

Anthea xx


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