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Combs // Tail Combs // Basin Combs

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The helpful and versatile tail comb is a must-have tool for achieving precise and polished hairstyles. This comb features a long, thin handle and a pointed tail that is perfect for separating, straightening, and sectioning hair for different styles.


  • Designed for precise styling and sectioning of hair
  • Ideal for creating intricate updos, braids, and other hairstyles
  • Perfect for use on all hair types, including long and thick hair
  • Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting durability

Perfect for

  • Great for backcombing and helping with your hair-ups.
  • Stylists and salon professionals who require precise styling tools
  • People with longer hair who want to achieve polished and intricate hairstyles
  • Anyone looking to achieve a professional and polished look

How it works

Our tail comb features a pointed tail that can be used to separate and section hair for precise styling. The long, thin handle provides the necessary grip and control needed to achieve intricate styles and updos.


With our tail comb, you can achieve precise and polished hairstyles that are sure to turn heads. Say goodbye to messy, unkempt hair and hello to sleek and sophisticated looks.