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February 15, 2022 2 min read

Welcome back to the 2nd episode of

Five Styles // One Haircut

Today I will help you create the perfect Bouncy Blow Wave.
No brushes are required. This simple style is created with Velcro Rollers.

You may have flashbacks of your Nana or Mother using rollers.
They may have fallen out of fashion but they are the simplest way to create a full and bouncy look that will last.

Now with all styles, I have prepped my hair when it was wet. 
If your hair is prone to dropping out or going flat feel free to use a Mousse or similar product at this step.

To help create this look at home you'll need:

1. Velcro Rollers
2. Tail Comb
3. Sectioning Clips
4. Hair Spray Or Setting Spray
5. Frizzy Logic - Finishing Serum
6. Straightening Irons

Check back next week when we cover how to curl your hair.

Anthea xx




You're going to need enough Velcro rollers - probably ten to sixteen of them, and either dinky clips or just bobby pins will do. You also need a tail comb, hairspray or other setting spray that you might have, and your straightening irons. 

So let's get started.

Now I'm going to do some easier sections first before I get onto my fringe which is quite short. So you want to take a section that's approximately the size of your roller and give it a bit of a blast with the Hairspray. 

Now this is the key to doing this at home easily. Run the straightening irons through your hair because we need your hair to be nice and hot.

Grabbing your velcro roller, run it to the ends of your hair and then just roll in. With different lengths you just might want to pull out and then roll back in a little.

Once it's down to the roots, grab your dinky clip and just put it onto the base. The bigger you want your hair, the higher you want to roll each section down onto its parting. 

So just follow on section by section, running your iron through each section to get it nice and hot. The key to doing a hair set like this is to get it from as hot as you can to as cold as you can.

Once it's all cool, just start unravelling the rollers. I find doing rollers so much easier than a brush blow dry for this more glamorous style. I'm not that coordinated with a brush I have to admit! And I don't get anywhere near the volume like I do when I use rollers. So you can see how much bigger and bouncier my hair is with a roller blow wave.

Again, just finish off with styling product. I'm going to use the Frizzy Logic serum again and there you go!  

A bouncier, fuller blow wave style using the Velcro rollers.