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Article: Up Your Ponytail Game With This Simple Hack!

Simple hairup ponytail tips and tricks.

Up Your Ponytail Game With This Simple Hack!

Often an afterthought, the last resort or the only style you know how to do, the ponytail gets a bad rap.

Here is an easy hack on to create a great-looking ponytail.

With these simple steps you have all you need to make a great looking style.

Step 1: Using your tailcomb, section off behind the ears into two sections and clip away top half
Step 2: Brush and gather the bottom half with a dressing brush, use one of your hairties to secure into a ponytail.
ith your tail comb, backcomb the top section to create volume and texture.

Step 4: Gently brush back the top section without removing backcombing. Using the second hair tie, tie into existing ponytail.
Tug the hair at the base of the ponytail to make sure it feels secure. Use the end of the tail comb to lift up the hair to create even more volume.
Step 6: Finish off with taming any flyaways with a Slick Stick!


What makes this style great is how little you need. 

Rather than leave your ponytail straight you have the option of styling it anyway you like!

Smooth Pony tail Ponytail with some curls Ponytail with lots of texture

You can make the ponytail high or low, it all depends on your face shape or preference. And looks great with or without a fringe, play around with the style and create what best suits you. And for anyone that is concerned a ponytail causes hair loss for being too tight then you will love this because you can keep the tension to a minimum. 
And for all the curly girls out there this style works with your curls, give it a go and let us know how you find it.

Here's Anthea's fool proof tutorial over on our Youtube channel! 

Youtube link to Anthea's ponytail tutorial




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