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Velcro Ceramic Rollers

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Velcro Ceramic Rollers, perfect for styling your hair without the need for clips! 

Rollers come in packs of six. Use the smaller rollers to give more curl and the large ones for volume.

Ceramic technology holds and evenly distributes heat, while the velcro allows an easy application without the need for clips or pins to hold the rollers in! 

How to use

When your hair is dry take sections of hair and spritz with a setting lotion roll the roller in your hair. Use small section for more curlier hair and large sections for more volume and less curl. 
Heat your hair with your hair dryer, using a diffuser if thats easier. Get the hair/roller nice and hot then let cool before you take them out. 
Once all the rollers are out, brush or just run your fingers through your hair to style your look.

Don't limit yourself to just using these after washing your hair, they are a great pick me up when you have to go out on non hair wash days.