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Article: What Root Touch Up Is Best For Me?

woman showing the crown of her head to show her hair regrowth

What Root Touch Up Is Best For Me?

Now you maybe wondering why we have various root touch sprays and what can they possibly do differently? Let us help you chose what is the right one for you.

Oribe root touch up sprays come in 6 different shades ranging from platinum to black. This spray is a combination of dry shampoo and root touch up spray, leaving your hair coloured and feeling light and fluffy. Oribe's product is perfect for those of you who have smaller amount of regrowth. 

L'Oreal touch up spray also comes in 6 shades but this product is better for people who have a lot of regrowth. This is due to the texture being very wet which in turn provides a lot more coverage. L'Oreal is your go to for those who are showing a lot of grey.

One of our newest addition is ColorWOW root touch up, this product is perfect for those of you who aren't the best at applying the spray. This products comes with a brush providing an easier application. In addition, if you are wanting your hair up and have started to develop bald patches, this is good for filling in the spots. 

Lastly, we have Beauty Dust another new product that we have recently discovered! This product is very similar to ColorWOW in terms of them both being applied by a brush instead of a spray. We wanted to give you the options to choose from two different powder forms and a spray. 

I hope this has given you more clarity as to which root touch up would work best for you! Given the circumstances we thought that this product is definitely an essential tool to keeping your hair looking its best during isolation. Well at least until your next hair appointment. 🤣



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