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Article: 6 Ways To Wear A Hair Scarf

How to Wear Your Hair Scarf - Sable Boutique

6 Ways To Wear A Hair Scarf

One of the top trends this summer, and my new 'go to' accessory. Trust me, your hair scarf will become you new best friend on those days where your hair just isn't working how you want it to! 

They are convenient to stash in your bag on a weekend getaway, and a totally effortless way to style your outfit! Hide your out of control locks on those bad hair days, or try a new style to freshen up your look. 

With different patterns and colours to choose from, you'll find scarves to work with any occasion. Go simple and chic, or bold and colourful, there's so many different looks you can create with a scarf. 

The main trick is knowing how to wear them, and that's where I'm here to help. These are my top go-to hairscarf hairstyles which are worth trying out: 

1. Simply chic ponytail. 
I thought I'd start out with one of the easiest. Give your pony tail effortless style by simply tying the scarf around the pony. This look is ideal for a rushed mornings off to work. It will lift your look, giving it an effortless stylish touch. No one needs to know you had to get ready in 5 minutes this morning...right?!


Photo Credit: Pinterest, Maggie875


2. Top knot
Fold the scarf into a strip, wrap around your head and tie at the top in a double knot. Tuck the ends of the scarf inside of the knot to give it a rounded look. Wear with your hair up or down - a perfect style for boho beach days.

Photo: Vansessa Hudgens  

3. The Headband

Simply roll the scarf into about a 2cm thick strip. Wrap around your head and tie underneath your hair - my secret trick to this is flipping my hair upside down to make sure you don't get any loose hair caught in the knot...ouch! 

From here, push it back to the desired spot. Keep your hair out of your face with it pushed back, or loosen a few pieces of hair around your face to soften the look. 


Photo: Zendaya, Dolce and Gabbana Summer Campaign


4. The Turban
For something different, and a fab cover-up on bad hair days, the turban is a great look. You will need an extra long scarf for this style.

Lay the scarf out flat, and grab one of the sides. Place this along the underneath of your head, and bring the ends up to the top. Grab the back corner and bring all four edges together. Twist until it feels tight and fitted, then roll up and tie into a ball. 

 Photo from:


Not only can you accessorise your locks, but your new scarf can add a pop of colour or print to any outfit. Pair with a plain white tee and jeans, or use it to mix up your fav dress that you've worn a few too many times. 

Also, buying one meant I didn't get the "but you already have so many clothes" complaint from my boyfriend, so it's a win for the all the shopaholics like me out there!

The scarf-wearing doesn't just stop with your hair, check out these ways to freshen up your wardrobe:


5. The Neck Scarf

Simply fold the scarf into a triangle and tie around your neck - so chic! 

  Photo: Olivia Palermo, from Splash News Online


6. Hand Bag 

Freshen up a bag that you haven't used in a while by adding a new stylish scarf. Mix and match colours and pattern to co-ordinate with your outfit. 

Photo: WeHeartIt: @Asosh_aso  


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