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February 08, 2021 2 min read

How else is a fan of the Emma Guns Podcast?

I have been loving her series of 5 Feel-Good Habits.

Which got me thinking - if I was interviewed what would my feel-good habits be.

We are so lucky to not be in lockdown (her series is all about lockdown habits), but I have implemented some new feel-good habits over the last 6 months as well as the ones I have been religiously doing over the last few years.

1. Running

Ok, I can see the eye roll now, but I wanted to do some exercise from our house without having to hop in a car. So I started the Couch to 5k series. I'm up to week 8 and have run my first 5k!! 

2. Gua Sha and Face Elixer

Feels like I should make a small confession here. We have had the Gua Sha stones on our shelves for ages now. I had taken home the Rose Quartz Face Roller but didn't really use it that often. I took home a Gua Sha stone before Christmas and have been using it every day since! Makes my skin feel amazing and what a relief on days when I have a migraine.

3. Magnesium Spray

This is a quick habit with loads of benefits. 10 sprays on my feet as I'm hopping into bed. Relaxes me and sets me up for a good nights sleep.

4. Collagen

Hello, strong nails! What a game-changer. With my hands constantly in water my nails have always been weak. Now they hardly tear and I get lots of length on them. I add it to my morning coffee.

5. Dinner with Friends

No need to explain this. I try every week to catch up with a girlfriend. As they say 'it fills my cup'.