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Article: Self-Care tips from the team at Sable xx

self care tips blog picture shows a cup of coffee sitting on. holder over a bubble bath with flowers and a loofer

Self-Care tips from the team at Sable xx

We can all acknowledge that this is a strange time for everyone, but it is the perfect time to stop and reflect.

Now we are into the second week of isolation we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to dive deep and give you our self-care tips that have been getting us through these difficult times.

Whether it is learning how to paint, to draw or even as simple as a new dance, this is a perfect activity to help stimulate your brain but most importantly gives you the chance to be proud of yourself. Learning a new skill isn’t easy so accomplishing it is even a bigger reward. 

Rachel our media and marketing manager has been learning a new language, spanish. 

“I have always wanted to learn a new language but have never been able to find enough time between work and extracurricular activities. But now I have dedicated 2 hours a day to learning spanish and it is something that I can get excited for."

Moving the body is an important way to keep you feeling healthy and strong. This can be as little as doing 10 push ups in the morning, to as big as an hour run or hit session in the backyard. Moving your body helps release endorphins in your body that makes you feel happy. 

A perfect example to help keep you active is on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9am Keep it cleaner has a live 20minute workout stream. To follow someone else is a great motivater and an even better way to start your morning.

Designate a night a week for your ultimate pampering session. Start your pampering process by relaxing in a hot bath, followed by a calming homemade face mask and a head wrap to keep all your worries out. Follow it up with your favourite movie or tv show cuddled up in your robe and don't forget to treat yourself with popcorn and sweet treats.

This is Anthea's go to, nothing beats making an at home face mask and relaxing (with wine in hand!).

I don’t know about you but this is the perfect time to call your friend back, join House Party and start a family pictionary session, facetime your grandparents (if you are like me - call them first to tell them how to set up Facetime!), and to just stay connected with your loved ones.

Especially through this unknown time everyone is in it together, you may feel far away but with the touch of a button you can be skyping, playing games and calling one another. It is important to keep connected with family and friends.

We hope these self-care tips help you through these next couple of weeks, don't forget Anthea and I are around for extra help and advice. 

Don't forget to just Turn up the music and dance like your still at Barneys!!!!

Love the Team at Sable x


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