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Article: My Sunday Morning Routine ☀️

My Sunday Morning Routine ☀️

My Sunday Morning Routine ☀️

So my day starts off as most peoples' do, with the dreaded alarm. My wake-up time depends on our funny working days in the salon. During my working week, the alarm is set to 5:45 am but on Sundays, I get a sweet sleep-in of 6:30 am.

The first thing I do is hop in the shower.
I don't have the need nor time to wash my hair every day so my 
Louvelle Showercap is a must. It's waterproof, reusable, and stylish.
All three make for a great start to the day.

I think the morning is the best time to get the nitty-gritty things done. The first thing on the list is to shower and shave my legs. It's awesome to see people embrace their body hair more and for there to be less pressure to shave if you don't want to. That being said, I like to shave too, but what I'm not here for is the wasteful nature of plastic razors and shaving creams. Bareaya's Safety Razors and Shave Bars eliminate this problem because the razors last forever - you just need to switch out the blade when you feel like it needs it!

Next up is cleansing, which I choose to do either in or out of the shower depending on the day! Adishiko's Cleansing Bar paired with the gorgeous Kabuki Brush makes cleansing an easy and actually enjoyable experience. If I use my cleansing bar in the shower I always make sure to set it on one of my Block Docks. It keeps it out of water's way, allows it to dry nicely and elongates its life! If you use bar soap, Shampoo Bars, cleansing bars (any bars really) and you don't have a Block Dock... Change that! 

Now my skin is nice and clean from the potions and lotions I've used the night before
- stay tuned for my nighttime routine -
it's time to give it back some love and moisturise! Adashiko's Noni + Collagen Gel has been a firm favourite and staple in my morning routine for ages now. It always leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. As a gel, it soothes and depuffs without leaving an oily residue behind - a huge tick from me.

Sundays are a makeup-free day for me, but I still make time to use my Henne Lip Serum. Henne's full range of lip care is next level but the serum is my current favourite. When I feel like my lips are especially dry I will start with one of the Exfoliators to gently remove any dead skin (gross, but it happens to the best of us). I also love to finish my lip routine by using their Lip Tints. It brings colour to my lips and cheeks too, for a naturally rosy look when a sun-kissed glow isn't so achievable in winter. 

Although Sundays are a day off, sunscreen NEVER gets a day off. If you aren't using sunscreen every day, then this is your sign to start. People4Ocean have come out with this dreamy Daily SPF30 Sunscreen that sits beautifully on the skin. If you are feeling brave enough to go for a dip, it's coral and reef safe.
The yellow tone comes from carrot extract and works brilliantly to ensure you don't look ghostly. It is a physical block sunscreen which means it sits on top of your skin - no nasty chemicals! It also smells amazing which is a great bonus.

Last but not least, to really get the day started I'll have a coffee. A latte to be exact, and I like it in a glass (I've found people are very 50/50 on the glass or mug matter).  My favourite thing to add to my coffee is Adashiko's Ultra Collagen. I've been using it for over a year and there is no way I'll be changing this any time soon. It is tasteless and dissolves completely so you don't notice the difference as you drink it. The difference you will notice is in your skin, nails, and hair! Results are different for everyone but my most noticeable have been my nails.

Thank you so much for joining me in my Morning Routine!
If I haven't inspired you to join the 5am Club then I hope that maybe you have a few new ideas to help you start your day. Stay tuned for my other routines that will be popping up in the next few weeks.
Happy Sunday!
Anthea xx


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