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Woke Up Like This Lipstick

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Rose pink lipstick

A rose pink lipstick with undertones of sass, Woke Up Like This is a measured and meticulous minimalist. They prefer their tea black, their makeup barely there, and their lipsticks on the blush side of the spectrum. While they frequently wake up looking this flawless, they choose to wear a pop of colour to punctuate their pout. This berry blend is a subtle smirk, a private joke shared between friends, and the perfect pink for everyday wear.

The holy grail of lipsticks is real: we know, because we made it.

It’s non-sticky, super-pigmented, non-bleed and super-lasting – basically everything you thought couldn’t co-exist in a lipcolour.

How did we do it? With a little magic, but mostly with ultra-nourishing oils. Like organic olus oil: chockers with fatty acids that regenerate new skin cells. Camelina oil: nothing to do with camels, everything to do with intense hydration. And olive oil, prickly pear and passionfruit oil, for anti-aging, skin-regenerating thrills

Please note, the lipstick shade will darken slightly once dry. 

All Kester Black products are cruelty-free, vegan and carbon neutral. We’re also a Certified B Corp!

3ml / 0.10 fl.oz 

    Directions for use

    Use the edge of the applicator to outline your lips, following their natural curve. Fill-in, using the flat side of the applicator and allow to dry. One coat is all it takes for a smooth sumptuous pout. To remove, apply Kester Black's Self Love Oil and watch your lipstick (and worries) gently melt away.