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This is a Curl Gel Oil

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Get the most beautifully defined curls with This Is A Curl Gel Oil by Davines.

A transformative gel-to-oil texture, with hydrating properties for curl shape and definition. The Extreme Moisturizing factor in the formula provides moisture to the strand controlling frizz while the Extreme Bounce Factor provides definition, leaving the hair naturally soft and shiny. 

This is a Curl Gel Oil is enhanced with anti-humidity properties that offer additional hydration and bounce to your hair. Our curl gel oil from More Inside will have your curls looking moisturized and healthy.

Hold strength 3/5

Perfect for 

  • Perfect for curly, wavy, or coily hair.

How does it work? 

The extreme moisturizing factor in the formula provides anti-frizz control and bouncy definition. This hair gel oil will leave your hair feeling naturally soft and shiny.


  • Defines the curl shape.
  • Hydrating properties adding moisture to the hair.
  • Anti-frizz effect.
  • Add natural shine to the hair.
  • Hair feels naturaly soft.

How to use

Distribute between the palms and smooth through damp curls. 
Comb through and style as desired.
Can be diffused or air-dried.


Natural derived ingredients  94.7%.  Biodegradable ingredients 95.8%.  
  The bottle is made from bio-based PE, a plastic obtained from sugarcane which is a vegetal renewable source.
 External wrapping paper is FSC Recycled Certified.