Here at Sable we have launched our own Sable Retail Loyalty Program with exciting and exclusive rewards to say 'thank you' to our amazing customers.



Exclusive $20 Off - 500 Points To Unlock 

Free Olaplex No.7  - 1000 Points To Unlock 

Exclusive $50 Off - 1000 Points To Unlock 

Free Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer - 6000 Points To Unlock 

Any discount code redeemed from a reward MUST be applied in the Shopping Cart!



Making a purchase:
1 point per $1.00 spend

Like us on Facebook:
10 points

Follow us on Instagram:
10 points

Leaving a Product Review: Maximum 4 a month 
10 points

Refer a friend: 

500 points 

On your Birthday: 

10 points 


Points are accumulated on Retail products only. Not on any salon services.

No points accumulated on items that are on SALE.

Rewards can only be redeemed online - and applied to your SHOPPING CART not at the Checkout .

Rewards and ways to earn can change so keep referring back to this page.

Rewards Programs started 21st October 2017. 
Any purchases made before this date will not be included.


Updated June 2020.