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The Restless Circle

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The Restless Circle by Davines is an invisible hair mask with moisturizing ingredients, light on the hair, and adds body, elasticity, and protection against mechanical breakage.

Ideal quick-action, for on-the-Go Gurus treatment for quick and effective hair care.

    How to Use
    • Apply a small amount of the mask to dry hair before shampooing, focusing on lengths and ends, and spread evenly for revitalized results.
    For smooth hair - it is advisable to comb the hair after applying the mask to spread the product better and maximize the transparent effect.
    For wavy or curly hair - it is advisable to work the hair with the fingers to better define curls.
    • Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes or more. Extending processing time can enhance the effectiveness of the product, which allows you to seamlessly continue your daily routine or even use it overnight.
    • Rinse thoroughly then shampoo and condition as per normal.