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SOPHIC Daily Conditioner

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Transform your hair with SOPHIC Daily Conditioner!

Lightweight & nourishing conditioner for regular use which is nourishing and strengthening without weighing the hair down. Leaves hair soft, luminous and detangled.

Smells like... Lemon Myrtle 🍋 and Orange 🍊

Perfect for

  • All hair types.
  • Anyone looking for a natural, sulphate-free conditioner that hydrates and nourishes hair.
  • Those who want to achieve healthy, shiny hair without harsh chemicals.

How does it work?

SOPHIC Daily Conditioner is specially formulated to provide essential moisture and nourishment to hair. Their sulphate-free formula is gentle and non-drying, providing the perfect balance of hydration and nourishment to hair.


  • Sulphate-free formula won't strip hair of its natural oils.
  • Natural oils and butters provide essential moisture and nourishment.
  • Non-drying formula promotes healthy, shiny hair.
  • Free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.


SOPHIC Daily Conditioner leaves your hair feeling soft, hydrated, and healthy-looking. Regular use makes your hair more manageable, with less frizz and more shine.

How to use

After washing hair with SOPHIC Daily Cleanser, apply a generous amount of SOPHIC Daily Conditioner to the hair, focusing on the ends.
With your Sophic Comb (or your fingers) comb through hair and leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
Use regularly to maintain healthy, hydrated hair.