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The Tennis Pro

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Get in now for your lesson with The Tennis Pro, your powerful G-Spot Vibrator.

Did you know what we call the G-spot is actually a zone on the vagina's front wall where it comes in contact with the internal structure of the clitoris?
This internal vibrator features a rounded head to provide a powerful massage of that area. Discover the pleasure of G-spot stimulation and orgasm. 

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Tips to use
To discover the wonders of G-spot orgasm, insert gently the Tennis Pro inside the vagina with its rounded head facing the front wall. Explore this area to find your pleasure spot. We're all different, and G-spot stimulation does not work the same for all of us. Experiment with the speeds and pulsations to see what you like best.

More Info
  • 100% waterproof
  • AA battery, 4 hours of pleasure
  • Smooth Silicone
  • 4 speeds, 2 pulse modes
  • Super silent
  • Body-safe, vegan and cruelty free

Size 15.3cm x 3cm x 4.2cm