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The Slick Stick™️ hair wand is designed for you ladies who struggle with those annoying baby flyaway hairs.

Use your Slick Stick™️ to create easy yet perfect slick pony tails and buns.

Formulated to hold your hair in place all day without leaving your hair oily, hard/crunchy or dirty.

All whilst not using harmful ingredients that jeopardise your health or our planet. Slick Stick™️ is cruelty free, Vegan and works on all hair types.

Slicked Pony Tail & Bun
Step 1: Once you've tied your hair up in your desired hair style, apply your Slick Stick from your hair line sweeping back.
Step 2: Don't apply too much, less is more!
Step 3: Re-apply as needed.

Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Camelia, Water, Glycerin, Acrylic Acid (Ester), Copolymer, Fruit Essence.


How long will a Slick Stick™️ bottle last?
If you use daily, your Slick Stick™️ will last around 6-8 weeks

Is the Slick Stick™️ cruelty free?
Absolutely! our furry friends shouldn't be harmed as a result of your beauty regime.
Does the Slick Stick™️ work on all hair types?
The Slick Stick™️ does work on all hair types, however the curlier the hair the more product you'll need to use.

Is Slick Stick Vegan?
Yes! All of Slick Stick products are 100% Vegan.

What does the Slick Stick™️ smell like?
They formulated the Slick Stick™️ to have a pleasant perfume smell, it smells good enough to eat! (please don't eat it!)

Who owns Slick Hair Company?
Slick Hair Company is owned by Female Founder Mia Plecic

Can I use my Slick Stick™️ on my children?
Absolutely! Lot's of customers love using their Slick Stick™️ on their children's hair to help create an east up do!

What colour is the Slick Stick™️ ?
The product is a clear colour so it is suitable for all hair colours.


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