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Kerasilk Taming Balm

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Kerasilk Smoothing Mask gives deep hydration and nourishment that will transform from frizz to sleek.

A rich formula that instantly smooths and softens extremely unruly hair. Enhanced with Biomimetic Silk & Shea Oil, our 100% vegan formula reduces frizz for long-lasting control and humidity protection.


  • Instantly tames and calms the overall hair structure for up to 2.5x increased smoothness, enhancing the manageability of your hair styling
  • Long-lasting frizz control, up to 60% less frizz
  • Heat protection
  • Free from: sulphates, dyes, microplastics, mineral oils
  • 100% Vegan formula1
  • Climate-neutral product2

Perfect for
  • Anyone who wants flawlessly smooth hair with a professional touch.
  • Those seeking improved manageability and control over their unruly locks.
  • Anyone in need of deep hydration to revive dry and lacklustre hair.

How does it work?

Our Kerasilk Taming Balm harnesses advanced haircare technology to smooth the hair cuticle, reduce frizz and promote a sleek, polished appearance. It also provides intense hydration, replenishing moisture for healthy, vibrant hair.


  • Silky-smooth locks that feel luxuriously soft to the touch.
  • Frizz-free, controlled hair
  • Deeply hydrated strands that boast a healthy, radiant sheen.

How to use

  1. Start with clean, towel-dried hair.
  2. Take a small amount of the Kerasilk Taming Balm and distribute it evenly through your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.
  3. Comb through to ensure even distribution.
  4. Style your hair as desired using your preferred tools and techniques.