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Hair Bungee Hair Tie

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Hair Bungee Hair Tie is a curly girls dream. Unlike regular hair ties that are shaped in a ring, Hair Bungee is a single piece of specialised elastic with hooks on both ends.

You simply hook one end of the bungee into your hair, wrap around the ponytail and fasten with the other hook.

Hair Bungee lets you wrap & unwrap your hair without pulling or tugging. Imagine the ease of use with curly hair. No more super tight ponytails (unless that's what you want).

  • Easy-secure hooks latch into your hair allowing you to wrap and unwrap around hair, minimizing strand damage during removal
  • Tames thick or textured hair with ease
  • Simply gather hair securely, hook one end of bungee into hair and wrap until desired tightness is achieved, secure second hook into hair for a perfect pony

Get complete control of your ponytail.

  • 5x Hair Bungee's per pack
  • 3 colours to choose from to suit your hair - Blonde, Brown & Black
  • Specifications: 12.5cm (relaxed),
  • Bound elastic, ionised hooks