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Come Connected Condoms

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Smile Makers Come Connected is all about safe and ease, less time fumbling, and more time for playing.

These Come Connected Condoms are extra-lubricated and made with 100% natural rubber latex, keeping you and your partner safe. And it's 100% biodegradable. It's designed with easy-to-peel packaging made by one of the world's most trusted condom manufacturers.

Tips to use

Apply a tiny bit of the Sensual Lubricant Generous Gel and start off slow. Apply the curved dip of The Whisperer’s head on the clitoral glans to create a gentle embrace. Use the flexibility of the vibrator to play with pressure. If you're a little extra sensitive, especially after a bit of a pleasure pause, try a layer of fabric between the Whisperer and your clit. This lipstick vibrator is not for penetration but its tiny size is perfect for tickling other pleasure spots, so explore and enjoy the flutters.

More Info


  • No spermicide or parabens
  • 100% Natural Rubber Latex, vegan and body-safe
  • Biodegradable. Dispose of it in the trash and do not flush it down the toilet. The cup packaging can be recycled.