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New Arrivals / Coming Soon

New Arrivals / Coming Soon

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Original Detox ConditionerOriginal Detox Conditioner
Hydro-Balance Scalp Gel
Hydro-Balance Scalp Gel Sale price$160.00
Fiona Franchimon No.1 Hairpin New York CollectionFiona Franchimon No.1 Hairpin New York Collection
Fiona Franchimon No. 1 Hairpin in Black 5 PackFiona Franchimon No. 1 Hairpin in Brown 5 Pack
Fiona Franchimon No.1 HairpinFiona Franchimon No.1 Hairpin
Two Tone Stretch HeadbandTwo Tone Stretch Headband Red and Pink
Suede Stretch HeadbandSuede Stretch Headband
Satin Stretch HeadbandSatin Stretch Headband
Gildie Arc Hair Barrette in colours brown, latte, pearl and greenGildie Arc Hair Barrette sizing 9.5cm long
Arc Hair Barrette Sale price$30.00
Compact MirrorCompact Mirror
Compact Mirror Sale price$22.00
Retro bag from Gildie small and large sizeRetro bag from Gildie large size
Retro Cosmetic Bag Sale priceFrom $17.00
ModCut BarretteModCut Barrette
ModCut Barrette Sale price$38.00
Embroidered Bow ClipEmbroidered Bow Clip
Gildie Retro Snap in Rectangle and Round colour red, caramel, green, light pink, pink, purpleGildie Retro Snap in Rectangle colour red, caramel, green, light pink, pink, purple
Retro Claw Clip MiniRetro Claw Clip - Small
Retro Claw Clip Sale priceFrom $12.00
Everyday CombEveryday Comb
Everyday Comb Sale price$16.00
Mini Travel CombMini Travel Comb
Mini Travel Comb Sale price$10.00
Flower HeadbandFlower Headband
Flower Headband Sale price$30.00
Gold Embroidery Knot HeadbandGold Embroidery Knot Headband
Curved Hair BarretteCurved Hair Barrette
Curved Hair Barrette Sale price$30.00
Oway Shaping Putty
Oway Shaping Putty Sale priceFrom $20.00
Oway Supreme Matt Paste
Oway Supreme Matt Paste Sale priceFrom $20.00
Oway Precious Wax
Oway Precious Wax Sale priceFrom $20.00
Oway Boho Pomade
Oway Boho Pomade Sale priceFrom $20.00
Oribe Tres Set Structure SprayOribe Tres Set Structure Spray
Sable Sample Packs Davines OI SampleSable Sample Packs
Sable Boutique
Sable Sample Packs Sale priceFrom $9.00
Magnesium Oil Spray for Kids
Fur All Body ButterFur All Body Butter
Back SoonJungle GymJungle Gym
Kester Black
Jungle Gym Sale price$30.00
The Restless Circle
Chloe Zara Travel Essentials
Back SoonHeatpro Copper Ceramic Round Brush
Back SoonNanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Paddle Brush
NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Round BrushNanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Round Brush
Back SoonThis is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray
Gel PomadeGel Pomade
Original Mineral
Gel Pomade Sale priceFrom $18.00
Strong Hold ClayStrong Hold Clay
Matte Texture PasteMatte Texture Paste
Red Clean Tone TreatmentRed Clean Tone Treatment
Copper Clean Tone TreatmentCopper Clean Tone Treatment
Chocolate Clean Tone TreatmentChocolate Clean Tone Treatment
Cool Blonde Clean Tone TreatmentCool Blonde Clean Tone Treatment
Beige Clean Tone TreatmentBeige Clean Tone Treatment
Platinum Clean Tone TreatmentPlatinum Clean Tone Treatment
Caramel Clean Tone TreatmentCaramel Clean Tone Treatment
Silverati PomadeSilverati Pomade
Silverati Pomade Sale price$83.00
Platinum Blonde Toning MistPlatinum Blonde Toning Mist
Olaplex No. 5P Purple Toning ConditionerOlaplex No. 5P Purple Toning Conditioner