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Epres Bond Repair Treatment Refill

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Refill for your Treatment pack.

Epres innovative spray-on hair treatment delivers deep, lasting repair for chemical, thermal and mechanical damage.

Epres Bond Repair Treatment actively rebonds the hairs structure. The formula continues to diffuse repair through each strand for hours after application.

Perfect for

  • Coloured hair
  • Straightened hair
  • Curly hair
  • Fine hair prone to breakage
  • Keratin treated hair
  • Anyone who uses heated tools

How does it work?

The Epres actively rebonds the hair structure and continues to diffuse repair through each strand for hours after application using our Biodiffusion™ technology. 


  • Stronger, softer, healthier hair
  • Curl definition
  • Volume
  • Less breakage
  • Softer more touchable hair
  • Shinier hair

Why is it better?

Shall we start by telling you the scientist behind Olaplex is the man who launched Epres. So with his years of experience brought to the table to give you the improved bonding technology. 

Rather than multiple steps and products, epres™ Bond Repair Treatment is a single, one-step solution that works in just 10 minutes. It's a highly concentrated, waterless formula consisting of just four 100% vegan, biodegradable ingredients.

How to use

  • Spray a generous amount of Epres Bond Repair Treatment onto dry hair until fully saturated.
  • Leave on hair for 10 minutes or more. The technology continues to work for as long as you have it on your hair so feel free to spray and go or even sleep in it.
  • Cleanse and style your hair as usual and enjoy its renewed strength and softness.

What's in the box?

Starter Kit - 1x Spray Bottle (150ml) + 2x Bond Repair Concentrate (15ml)

Refill -  2x Bond Repair Concentrate (15ml)

Epres Bond Repair Treatment nz

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