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May 14, 2022 1 min read

Welcome back to the 5th and final  episode of

Five Styles // One Haircut

This one is a little bit more fun and it's definitely a going out look.
The key product to this look is dream house.

You will need a wand or some kind of curling tong and all you need to do is give your hair as much curl as you can. We do sell heat protection gloves, which do come in super handy for this look.

The trick is lots of curl, don't be too fussy and let the curl cool!
So try not to touch the curl after you have curled it.

Once you've put curls all the way through your hair it should be looking quite curly! Don't turn the curling wand off just yet because you may need to tweak a few pieces.

Now for the superstar, Dream House by R&Co.
Give a good shake and just start spritzing.

You'll be able to see all that great curl coming to life. You can also spread this straight into your hands if you just want to curl and define some certain pieces. This is the time to get a little rough, start breaking up the curl, you don;t want it to be too perfect!

Tidy up any parts that may have gotten a little bit flat through the process and voila, you're ready to go.