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May 14, 2022 1 min read

Welcome back to the 4th episode of

Five Styles // One Haircut

Today's video is actually going to be very quick.
I've just filmed video three, which is how to curl hair with the Cloud Nine.
So following on from this, I'm going to show you how to make it a little bit more glamorous.

And again, very easy.

Brush out the curl, not too aggressively, and you can see how quickly it just forms into lovely, beautiful rolls.
You just want to break up that curl until you're left with more of a wave.

By using your shine product, it's going on like a flat iron through your hair and you can just sculpt the waves into shape.

If you want to glamorize this a little bit more, I quite often take one side and just put a little bit of back combing in it.
Hold quite a bit of a section and just push your comb up to the roots and see how much more volume it gives you!

See how without having to do much more effort to it, you can just keep playing around with it until you get a shape that you love.

In less than three minutes. We've got a beautiful going out hair!