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Oway Shaping Putty

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Strong-hold fibrous putty

Sculpts, and provides enduring support for your hair style with a lasting hold. Perfect for enhancing wavy and curly hair, as well as creating definition in layered and highly textured styles. When manipulated with your hands, it transforms into a threadlike fibre, amplifying shapes and adding volume.


  • Dynamic Hold Fusion: Seamlessly transition between medium and strongholds for adaptable styling.
  • Fibrous Texture: Craft textured and dimensional hairstyles with ease.
  • Natural Shine: Achieve a radiant finish that enhances your hair's natural brilliance.
  • Hair Health: Enriched with botanical goodness, promoting a healthy and vibrant look.

How to use

Apply to hair, shaping with your fingers according to the desired effect. Apply on dry hair. 

Pro Tip:

Mixed with PRECIOUS WAX it amplifies the shine.