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PURIFYING Hair Bath - Dry Scalps

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Oway Purifying Hair Bath For Dry Scalps focuses on eliminating dandruff, while lightly moisturizing the scalp.

This product favours scalp rebalancing and the elimination of dry dandruff. With a delicate cleansing action, it lightly moisturises the skin.

Indicated both in cases of dry or oily dandruff. Also suitable for sensitive skins, due to the delicate rice wax peeling preparation used.

Relieves localized itching even in the absence of dandruff formation due to the action of the Soya lecithin. 

Active Ingredients

Biodynamic Rosemary - Has antimicrobial and refreshing properties. It is ideal for treating irritated scalps.

Organic Willow - It contains a phytocomplex that is particularly rich in flavonoids and salicylic glucosides (precursors of the salicylic acid, which contain sugar molecules). The willow extract has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and toning properties on the scalp.
Ethical Teak - It strengthens hair structure. Antibacterial properties.
Ethical Mahogany - Antiseptic and astringent for the skin, invigorating and energizing for the hair.