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Oway Supreme Matt Paste

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Firm Grasp Matte Hair Paste

Style your hair perfectly with a strong hold paste to give you texture and shape as you like it.

Perfect for

  • Individuals seeking a modern, matte aesthetic with a stronghold
  • Those desiring touchable texture and flexibility in styling


  • Unyielding Hold: Command attention with a strong, long-lasting hold that keeps your style intact all day.
  • Matte Mastery: Achieve a contemporary, non-shiny finish for an effortlessly sophisticated look.
  • Touchable Texture: Craft hairstyles with a natural feel that's soft to the touch.
  • Versatile Styling: Effortlessly create and reshape your look throughout the day.

How to use

Rub between your palms before applying it. After that, proceed to work the product on the hair. 
It offers the best results when applied at the end of the drying phase. 

• Ideal on short hair, when dry, to obtain a long-lasting look 
• Excellent for straight and wavy hair to provide more texture