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Malibu C Blondes Treatment

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Malibu C Blondes Hair Treatment immediately brightens blondes and boosts highlights.

Perfect for 

  • Perfect for all blondes, natural or enhanced

How does it work? 

Immediately brightens blonde and highlighted hair. Removes & prevents hard water mineral build-up that can dull blonde & highlighted hair. 


  • 5g sachet
  • Immediately brightens blondes and highlighted hair
  • 100% Vegan
  • Formulated with a patented, nature-identical vitamin C complex
  • Free of preservatives, parabens, gluten, fragrance and sodium chloride

Why is it better

Malibu C Blondes removes brassy, ashy or chalky tones and restores vibrant colour and radiant shine. 

How to use

At least once a week: Shampoo, rinse and pour Malibu C Blondes crystals into a wet palm. Rub hands together, adding water to dissolve crystals creating a paste-like consistency. Apply and scrunch throughout hair, allowing to remain for 5 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner.