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Lip Service Matte Lipstick

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Get ready to embrace the day with our amazing Lip Service

This matte liquid lipstick feels like a gentle whisper on your lips and stays vibrant from sunrise to sunset without any drying sensation. Whether you're aiming for a bold, full-coverage masterpiece or a light and breezy look, Lip Service has got you covered – no lip liner required!

Unleash your inner artist and go bare for a jaw-dropping finish, or jazz it up over your favourite lip balm for a charmingly sheer effect that's oh-so-you. And guess what? You won't believe the magic – Lip Service rocks a ravishing red hue with a flirty twist of playful orange undertones that'll have heads turning wherever you go!

Here's the scoop: our Pro tip is your secret weapon. Once Lip Service works its enchantment and dries down, watch the shade transform into an even richer tone, giving you a dynamic, evolving look that's uniquely yours.