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Your Lips But Better Matte Lipstick

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Get ready to experience the magic of "Your Lips But Better" – the ultimate matte liquid lipstick that's feather-light and lasts all day.

Let your creativity run wild – whether you're aiming for a stunning full-coverage glam or a subtle, dewy look, "Your Lips But Better" is your go-to partner in crime. Swipe it over bare lips for an awe-inspiring finish that's sure to steal the spotlight, or let it mingle with your favourite lip balm for a sheer, radiant effect that's as fresh as a summer breeze. 

"Your Lips But Better" has a warm nude shade with delightful hints of playful pink and sultry brown. Pro tip: this shade takes on a mesmerizing deeper tone once it dries down, giving you a customized look that's uniquely yours and oh-so-irresistible.

Directions for use

Use the edge of the applicator to outline your lips, following the natural curve. Fill in using the flat side of the applicator and allow to dry. One coat is all it takes for a smooth sumptuous pout. To remove, apply Kester Black's Self Love Oil and watch your lipstick (and worries) gently melt away.