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Sponge Foam Rollers

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Sponge Foam Roller available in 3 sizes.

12 rollers in each pack.

Small - 10mm

Medium - 20mm

Large - 30mm

How to Use 

- Prep wet hair with a mousse or styling creme, you could try the Volume Boosting Mousse by Davines.

- Using a tail comb, section wet hair into rectangles slightly larger than the roller you are using. 

- From the end of the section, roll hair up the roller to the root, secure with the clip on the roller. 

- Once all hair is in rollers, use the Hood Dryer to dry your hair. 

- Once completely dry, and cooled, unroll the rollers and brush out using the Oval Dressing Brush until you reach your desired look

These amazing hair tutorials by Miss Victory Violet show you how to use the foam rollers, check out her YouTube channel here: