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OI Liquid Luster Hair Shine Treatment

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Davines OI Liquid Luster is a fluid weightless rinse-off treatment. It instantly gives extra shine, silkiness and extreme softness to the hair, for a glass-like finish.

If your hair has appeared dull, drab and limp lately, then this is the perfect product for you. A water-like treatment that is able to moisturize hair and leave it shiny and soft, providing a wow effect in just a few seconds.

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How does it work? 

OI Liquid Luster contains moisturising ingredients of natural origin according to the Davines philosophy that always promotes this type of formula. 
  • Roucou Oil — Oil obtained from the Roucou, a plant in Amazonia. Also referred to as ‘Achiote,’ it's known for its strong shine-enhancing properties, as it is able to reflect light.
  • Cardoon Oil — Cardoon extract is transformed into a light biodegradable oil that leaves hair shinier, easier to comb and more manageable, making it simpler to apply the product evenly.


  • 6X shinier hair*
  • 3,5X silkier hair**
  • Extreme softness***
  • Hair is not weighed down.
  • Instant results from the first use.
  • Superfast treatment, no processing time.


Oi Liquid Luster improves the quality of the hair, leaving it incredibly healthy and soft, making it easier to comb, blow-dry and style. It is soft to the touch with extraordinary shine, for a reflective, glass-like effect!

How to use

After shampooing your hair, towel dry to remove any excess water.

Section and apply Oi Liquid Lustre directly to the mid-length and ends, fully saturating the hair.

Use 1 dose (20ml) for short hair and 2 doses (40ml) for long hair.

Comb through. rinse well.

The treatment is super-fast and immediately effective.

Fine Hair you may not want to use a conditioner, as this is conditioning enough.
Medium Hair following with your favourite conditioner.
Thick or Coarse Hair followed with a mask.

Lastly, you can use the other products in the Oi range as the finishing touch to a perfect blow dry. Apply Oi All In One Milk if you desire a moisturising finish for a long-lasting style. And if you need an extra touch of shine and frizz control apply OI Oil.

*Instrumental test on hair locks, hair shine increase, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster vs OI Shampoo only.
**Instrumental combing test on hair locks, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster vs OI Shampoo only.
***Self-evaluation of 63 volunteers worldwide.

300ml Bottle