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Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo

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Davines has launched a great Dry Shampoo. Hair Refresher is a dry cleansing mist. Fresh hair, without water.

Designed to refresh and clean all hair types without using water. Creates volume without weighing your hair down. Hair is freshly scented and soft as though it was washed.

Hair Refresher is a dry shampoo for all hair types.

To keep your hair looking healthy, it's best to not wash it every day. Hair Refresher features a light, fresh-scented powdery mist that absorbs oil and creates volume without water.

Modern life means constantly being on the move — but this doesn't mean you can't have clean hair at your disposal without resorting to shampoo.

Perfect to take travelling and for use after the gym.

Carbon-neutral/Zero Impact Product.   

Its specific formulation is conceived to refresh and clean all hair types without using water. It does not weigt the hair down while creating a full-bodied volume. Hair is scented and soft like just-washed, thanks to the starch that absorbs the excess of sebum.