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Chroma Crème Purple Shampoo

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Achieve salon results with Chroma Crème purple shampoo and get rid of unwanted yellow tones.

Do you want your blonde to platinum hair to stay that way after going to the salon? This creamy care shampoo neutralizes warm reflections thanks to professionally calibrated purple pigments.


  • Neutralizes unwanted yellow tones
  • Gently cleans hair fibres
  • Caring composition
  • Co-emulsion technology with 10x smaller caring agents targeting the most damaged & porous areas
  • Colour revival
  • The result is beautiful hair full of shine

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount of your regular shampoo to wet hair. Foam and rinse thoroughly. Put on gloves and apply an appropriate amount of Chroma Crème purple shampoo to your hair. Foam and leave on for 2-15 minutes depending on the required degree of neutralization. Comb your hair to achieve even neutralization. Rinse thoroughly.