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Hair care is one of those activities that everyone acknowledges as important, but which can be immensely challenging to do right. Not everyone can visit a salon regularly, and the correct kind of approach to caring for hair can vary from person to person, based on the type of hair they have. However, one thing is true across all hair types: once your hair suffers from damage, it can be a challenge to restore it to its previous lustre. Unfortunately, damage is easy to come by, too, especially for those who enjoy regularly colouring or highlighting their hair.

Recent innovations in hair care products have given us a new way to repair and nourish hair at home with salon-quality products, though. It's all about Olaplex home treatment, a product so powerful and successful that even celebrities around the world have raved about its results. Using a scientifically developed formula which is free from phthalates, sulphates, and other harmful chemicals, Olaplex offers much more than a one-time conditioning effect.

At Sable Boutique, we make it fast and easy for you to shop for Olaplex from the comfort of your own home. As salon owners ourselves, you can trust that we've used and approved these products in a real-world setting, and this three-step treatment is popular for a good reason: it works. So what do you need to know about this product?

How Do You Use an Olaplex Take Home Treatment Kit?

Although there are two salon-exclusive components to Olaplex, the brand has released its Olaplex No. 3 formula as a home treatment, in combination with a prolonging shampoo and conditioner. The formula's secret is its ability to repair chemical bonds, called disulphide, in each strand of hair itself. To achieve the beneficial effects this provides, Olaplex recommends the following procedure:

  • Begin with damp hair. Rinse your hair without shampoo or conditioner and lightly towel dry.
  • Generously apply the "Hair Perfection" treatment from root to tip.
  • Allow the formula to remain in your hair for at least 10 minutes; the longer you leave it in, though, the better. Some prefer to wait up to one to two hours, but the choice is yours.
  • Rinse out the treatment.

It's that simple, and within just a few days, you'll start to see your hair looking stronger and healthier than ever. Use the accompanying shampoo and conditioner in your treatment kit to maintain the effect over time.

Enjoy the Selection of a Salon with the Convenience of Shopping Online

In spite of its growing popularity and unique ability to repair damaged hair, it can be tough to find this kit in your local shops and salons. At Sable Boutique, we've made it easy to not only find Olaplex shampoo online, but many other high-quality products used primarily by professional hairdressers. With a broad selection and prompt shipment to NZ residents, we bring the excitement of shopping in the salon right to your doorstep. Take a look through these products now, or get in touch with us online to share your questions with us.