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When hair suffers from damage, it can become dry, brittle and difficult to work with; that's why avoiding damage is so important in the first place. However, that's easier said than done. Even something as simple as going for a quick swim in the sea and sitting in the sun on the beach afterwards can start the decline. Likewise, popular procedures such as colouring can damage the chemical bonds inside your hair as well, especially when using home kits.

However, that doesn't mean the damage is permanent. Visit any salon and you'll be able to speak to a professional about how to address your hair's needs — but what about when you just want to explore salon-quality products on your own? At Sable Boutique, we understand, and that's why our hairdresser-approved products are easily available online. We believe it should be easier to find those often tough-to-locate products you've heard about, such as Olaplex3. This formula has garnered rave reviews since it exploded onto the hair care scene, and all the praise says the same thing: it can help your hair look better than ever. When you use an Olaplex 3 conditioner or shampoo, what is it actually doing to create such outstanding results? Let's take a quick look at what you can learn about this innovative formula.

What's So Wonderful About Olaplex 3?

Inside every follicle of hair, you have a particular type of chemical arrangement known as a "disulphide bond". These bonds help give your hair body and allow it to retain its shape. In damaged hair, damage has broken these bonds and reduced the strength of your hair. Most conditioners and shampoos simply act as a way to treat the symptoms of damage, but the salon-style treatment Olaplex 3 offers actually goes to work on the natural disulphide in your hair. Applied to damp hair and allowed to sit for at least 10 minutes, the treatment builds new bonds and shores up the existing strength of your hair.

The result is stronger, healthier hair that regains its ability to naturally retain more moisture. The accompanying shampoo and conditioner act as boosters to continue the effects of the in-hair treatment. With Sable Boutique, you don't have to hunt far and wide to find Olaplex 3 shampoo in NZ — it's easy to order it online right now.

Take Advantage of Sable Boutique's Selection Today

At Sable Boutique, we offer much more for hair care as well. Backed up by a real salon, you can trust in the fact that our hairdressers use, know, and love these products — otherwise you wouldn't see them here for sale. Explore how you can rejuvenate your hair with Olaplex, or investigate our other brands. You never know when you may find your new favourite product in a brand you haven't heard about before. Have questions or concerns you'd like to address before you buy? Give us a ring today for friendly assistance.