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There’s just something special about sleek, shiny, perfectly straight hair. This smooth, polished style adds oomph to any outfit and gives you a confidence boost wherever you go. Whether your hair is long or short or you’re heading to yoga class or the office, straightened hair has a way of making you look and feel your best all day long. Here are a few tips for helping you get the best possible results from Cloud Nine hair straighteners.

Preparation Matters

Before you begin straightening your hair, it’s important to prep it properly. Using a shampoo and conditioner designed to smooth hair can prepare your strands by providing substantial moisture. After washing, don’t rub your hair dry vigorously with a towel; this will enhance frizz or natural curl. Instead, pat your hair with a towel in a downwards motion to remove excess water. If you want to use a blow dryer to speed the drying process, be sure to keep the nozzle facing down to whole time to avoid increasing frizz. Do not even think about straightening until your hair is bone-dry; if your hair steams or sizzles, it’s a sign that you are causing your hair unnecessary damage. It’s also a good idea to use a thermal protectant, which coats your hair and helps safeguard it from heat damage.

Straightening Properly

First, monitor the temperature of your straightener carefully. Especially if your hair is naturally somewhat straight or simply wavy, you probably don’t need the highest heat setting on your straightener. As you straighten, take it one section at a time. Avoid running the straightener randomly through your hair, as this will cause you to miss certain sections as well as reapply heat unnecessarily to other parts. Clip your hair into a few separate parts and work methodically through each. Hold a small section of hair taut and run the straightener slowly from roots to ends. A finishing product can further add shine and reduce frizz for the most polished look.

Choose the Right Product Such as a Cloud Nine Wide Iron

If you are using an outdated hair straightener, you may not get the best results no matter how carefully you follow the above tips. Modern straighteners such as Cloud Nine in NZ have features that allow for the best-looking results while protecting your hair from excess damage. If you’re looking for Cloud Nine Wide Plate Straighteners online, you’ll find a great selection at Sable Boutique.

Our range of Cloud Nine products includes the Cloud Nine Wide Iron and the Cloud Nine Original Iron as well as curling and waving wands, hair dryers, paddle brushes, heat protective gloves, travel bags, and more. With 12 years’ experience as a salon and five years of running our online store as well, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a hair care product safe and effective, and we sell only products that we would use ourselves. Our hairdressers and other team members are highly knowledgeable about all our products and can answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, to book a service, or to place an order today.